Whispers of Forever: A Valentine’s Day Engagement Guide on the Isle of Islay!

Planning to Pop the Question on Islay?

We spoke to local Islay resident Michelle Currie, a jewellery designer & science artist, to get her recommendations of the 5 best beauty spots to propose on this stunning Hebridean Scottish Isle.

I’m so lucky to call Islay home! It’s a truly magical island off the west coast of Scotland that’s known for its whisky distilleries, stunning beaches, sunsets, and rugged natural beauty. If you’re looking to propose to your loved one in a romantic, memorable setting, Islay has no shortage of incredible spots to choose from. Here are 5 of the best places on Islay to get down on one knee:

1. The Big Strand

This 7-mile long beach on the southeast of Islay offers breathtaking views and soft white sands, and even in the summer months you can often have the whole beach to yourself. The sunsets from here are stunning and make for a perfect spot to propose. The crashing waves and vibrant colours in the sky will make it a moment to remember.

2. Machir Bay

Located on the west coast of the island, Machir Bay is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Scotland. The perfect place for a picnic, the incredible scenery of the beach, dunes, and offshore islands provide a jaw-dropping backdrop for a proposal.

3. Ardnave Point

On the northwest tip of Islay lies this striking point, where stunning cliffs and sea stacks jut out into the Atlantic Ocean. The isolated, windswept landscape is dramatic yet peaceful – ideal for a heartfelt proposal moment.

4. Kilnaughton Lighthouse

For panoramic coastal views, head to the southwest cliffs and propose in front of this picturesque 19th century lighthouse. The towering sea cliffs and crashing waves below make it a breathtaking spot to ask for your love’s hand in marriage.

5. The Oa Peninsula

At Islay’s southernmost point lies the wild and rugged Oa Peninsula. Along its walking trails you’ll find secluded pebble beaches, rolling green hills, and the iconic American Monument. Find a quiet, romantic spot in this dramatic landscape to propose to your partner.

Michelle Currie on Islay

Based from her studio on Islay, Michelle combines traditional Silversmithing techniques with her love of Science and Astronomy. A recent Artist in Residence at The Glasgow School of Art, she’s had her designs featured in exhibitions in New York, London, Glasgow and The Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh. You can find her work here .